Hi, I’m H, 32-year-old Visual Artist from Finland. I work with various media, including painting, jewellery art and installation. I consider myself as a Maker.

When I paint I subconsciously tend to end up to the deep end. Lately digging up skeletons in my closet has only made me more confused and even more curious about what I will find in the deepest depths. That’s the cornucopia of inspiration for my paintings. I’m building up my own language with the marks I make. The process of grinding the ink and mark making has turned into a ritual rather than actual act of just painting or drawing.

Besides painting I mix supermarket aesthetics of everyday life with timeless organic materials into jewellery art, such as wood, ceramics, bone and stone. I am introducing textile to my practice as a new opportunity.

I’m working with a broad theme of mental health issues and identity. I’m concentrating on a theme of losing your own identity, body dysphoria and searching for ghosts from the past. The search has led me to think about pain and hurt and how to mend them.

I’m also working at LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta as a workshop master for painting and jewellery departments, and I run an art gallery at the campus called Galleria NOSTE.