Hi, I’m Hanna, 30-year-old Visual Artist from Finland. I work with various media, including painting, jewellery art and installation.

When I paint I subconsciously tend to end up to the deep end. Lately digging up skeletons in my closet has only made me more confused and honestly a little freaked out. That’s the cornucopia of inspiration for my paintings.

Besides painting I mix supermarket aesthetics of everyday life with timeless organic materials into jewellery art, such as wood, ceramics, bone and stone. How my pieces relate to body and movement is important to me in both working and the result.

I’m trying to understand.

. . .

I’m working with a theme of mental health issues. My BA thesis project called Ansari was about panic attacks and anxiety. I have made a series of works discussing about emotional vampires and the mark they leave on their victims. Now I’m concentrating on a theme of losing your own identity, body dysphoria and searching for ghosts from the past.

I’m also working at LAB University of Applied Sciences as a workshop assistant for painting and jewellery departments.

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